Life Shed Forest School & Bushcraft Skills training

Developing confidence & self-esteem through hands-on outdoor learning.

Our exclusive 30+ acre woodland near Shrewsbury provides a safe and supportive environment for young people’s personal development through exploring the wild and learning bushcraft skills.

Our team of specialist facilitators are fully trained forest school leaders, bushcraft experts and experienced youth mentors.

Our Forest School & Bushcraft sessions take place either 1:1 or within small groups where each young person retains their own individual mentor to support them throughout the session.

Forest School is unique in its inspirational philosophy, motivation, ethos and concept, promoting a regular opportunity to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through a hands-on outdoor learning experience in a woodland environment.

Our woodland offers a rich and open environment that enables our skilled mentors to take a child-led approach and create tailored programs which tap into the individual interests of each young person.

We often find that young people who knew nothing about what the natural world has to offer are keen to return to the forest to try new things. The woodland fosters resilience and can bring out an enthusiasm for learning and willingness to engage with others that has not previously been seen.

Within the Life Shed Forest School & Bushcraft sessions, young people have the opportunity to learning and develop:

*   Health & Wellbeing
*   Outdoor Play
*   Bushcraft & Survival Skills
*   Art & Creativity
*   Tool use & Traditional Crafts

*   Nature Connection
*   Curriculum Outdoor
*   Cooking Skills
*   Fire Lighting & Safety
*   And many more

Where to find us

The Life Shed
Unit 5-6, The Stables, 
Sansaw Business Park, Hadnall,
Shrewsbury SY4 4AS

VAT registration number 392272191

Contact us

Chloe Walker, Services Manager – 07359432633
Craig Farr, Life Shed Director – 07368883534