Our Emotional Regulation Mentoring Programme

Helping young people to develop personal self-efficacy

Our targeted mentoring support programme for young people addresses barriers to progress resulting from emotional dysregulation.


Life Shed is committed to supporting young people overcoming difficulties in their life. Adopting a child centred approach based on an empathy, understanding and unconditional positive regard, we want to support young people get back on track to reaching their potential.


Managing young people’s behaviour for them is not a long-term solution. Inappropriate responses to varying emotions will continue to act as a barrier to wider progress in life until an individual develops the skills to manage it themselves. Developing personal self-efficacy means individuals can begin to rely on themselves to overcome the challenges they face in life.

How it works

STAGE ONE – Every referral begins with a consultation in which three SMARTER targets are created that address an overall aim for a young person.

STAGE TWO – Each bespoke programme provides young people the opportunity to enjoy and achieve in an activity of their interest. Activities range from mountain biking and indoor rock climbing to bush craft skills, cookery and many more. Young people responding positively to the change in environment can also access one to one academic tuition from a qualified teacher.

STAGE THREE – Once a structured timetable is in place, mentors continuously guide sessions so that young people are challenged accordingly in order to learn and develop particular skills to address their specific targets. Information regarding the young person’s progress is collated and available to contribute towards agencies ‘plan, do, review’ process.

What the young people get out of our programme

–  Understanding different emotions and how they affect our choices and behaviour.
–  Identifying personal triggers and stressors that can lead to high levels of emotions.
–  Identifying positive methods to better regulate our emotions.
–  Exploring what strong emotions both feel like and look like to others, as well as how our behaviour can affect others.
–  SMARTER target setting ensures a targeted approach towards specific barriers to progress.
–  Meaningful post programme data provides young people, families and referring agencies greater information relating to strategies moving forward.
–  Learning new skills and increasing self-efficacy through developing self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

Where to find us

The Life Shed
Unit 5-6, The Stables, 
Sansaw Business Park, Hadnall,
Shrewsbury SY4 4AS

VAT registration number 392272191

Contact us

Chloe Walker, Services Manager – 07359432633
Craig Farr, Life Shed Director – 07368883534